W.H. McBrayer Batch 1 Bottle and Box

W.H. McBrayer

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Barrel Strength

Inaugural Release: Legacy Collection – Original Recipe

This Bourbon is the McBrayer family’s tribute to one of Kentucky’s founding distillers: W.H. McBrayer, who was otherwise known as “The Judge.” Using heirloom grains grown only a few miles from his original distillery, this spirit was carefully crafted to honor the superior quality that earned “The Judge’’ his worldwide whiskey reputation. 

To replicate his highly-coveted recipe, we used McBrayer’s original mash bill, which was discovered on the back of a handwritten letter he wrote to E.H. Taylor in 1870. 

Locally-sourced corn, rye and malted barley pay homage to the land where his distilling legacy took root, while a low barrel entry proof and non-chill filtration capture the full flavor and character of our distinctive Kentucky Bourbon.

Mash Bill:
88.4% Bloody Butcher Corn
5.8% Heritage Rye
5.8% Malted Barley

Batch Details:
Release Date: April 2021
Bottles: 1,075
Proof: 103.6 – Barrel Strength

Coming Soon:
Batch 3 Release – April 29, 2023

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Stories Behind the Bourbon

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Almost a decade ago, W.G. (Bill) McBrayer IV learned about a long-lost, distant family member: a judge and well-respected Bourbon distiller who lived in Anderson County, Kentucky in the 1800s.

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The Letter Behind the Legacy: How We Discovered Our Mash Bill

New Bourbon brands are born every day—some recalling the past and some looking to the future. But not every new whiskey has a story so rich that it’s been in the making for 175 years.

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Who was the “The Judge?” The man behind a Kentucky Bourbon Legacy.

The story of W.H. McBrayer began nearly 200 years ago when Kentucky’s Bourbon revolution was just beginning to take shape.

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