WH McBrayer Bottle Batch One Signing
The Story Behind the First Batch of W.H. McBrayer Kentucky Bourbon

Almost a decade ago, W.G. (Bill) McBrayer IV learned about a long-lost, distant family member: a judge and well-respected Bourbon distiller who lived in Anderson County, Kentucky in the 1800s.

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McBrayer Legacy Spirits Barrels
The Letter Behind the Legacy: How We Discovered Our Mash Bill

New Bourbon brands are born every day—some recalling the past and some looking to the future. But not every new whiskey has a story so rich that it’s been in the making for 175 years. 

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WH McBrayer Image
Who was “The Judge?” The man behind a Kentucky Bourbon legacy

The story of W.H. McBrayer began nearly 200 years ago when Kentucky’s Bourbon revolution was just beginning to take shape.

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Bill and Bill Tasting
Why the McBrayer family decided to resurrect a 150-year-old Bourbon recipe

Our legacy is one that’s been in the making for 175 years. But what if we told you that resurrecting one of W.H. McBrayer’s iconic mash bills was entirely up to chance?

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