Raise a Glass & Read: A Look Inside “The McBrayer Bourbon Legacy” Book

McBrayer Bourbon Legacy Book on Table

With W.H. McBrayer, Old McBrayer and Cedar Brook now in the glasses of whiskey lovers far and wide, our first trifecta of legacy brands is officially complete–but for McBrayer Legacy Spirits, it’s never just been about the Bourbon. Our story is much bigger than that, and holds enough history, heritage and honor to fill a book. And as it turns out, our founder and president William (Bill) Garland McBrayer IV has now done just that.

It’s In the Books 

As the culmination of Bill’s 11-year obsession with researching the life and legacy of W.H. McBrayer, “The McBrayer Bourbon Legacy” is an 80-page coffee table book filled with: 

  • Rare historical images
  • Pre-Prohibition advertisements
  • Lesser-known facts about the legacy of W.H. McBrayer 
  • McBrayer family genealogy

Written as a tribute to “Kentucky’s Most Famous Distiller,” the book invites readers to go all the way back to 1775 when the McBrayer family first settled in the Anderson County wilderness to the present, as the modern day McBrayers pour their knowledge and passion into reviving some of the oldest brands in the history of Kentucky Bourbon.

Uncovering History and Kentucky Roots

“The McBrayer Bourbon Legacy” uncovers details that may come as a surprise to Bourbon fans across generations. From The Judge’s influence on other well-known distillers like Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr., T.B. Ripy, W.B. Saffell and Charles M. Dedman to facts about his beloved Lawrenceburg distilleries, the book pays homage to the McBrayer family’s influence and impact on the Kentucky Bourbon industry. 

Capturing Our Brand Story

While it was Bill’s passion for history and research that made this book possible, “The McBrayer Family Legacy” is actually the brainchild of his wife, Suzy. Knowing that Bill wanted to reintroduce W.H. McBrayer to a new generation of Bourbon enthusiasts, and with the goal to have him inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame®, Suzy set out to capture McBrayer Legacy Spirits’ beginnings using the website and blog content as a springboard. With the support of family, friends, the Bourbon community, industry leaders, the team at Onefold Creative and countless others, Bill was able to bring Suzy’s vision to life. 

Printed in very limited quantities, “The McBrayer Bourbon Legacy” can be purchased on our website until all copies are sold. Order your copy today to ensure delivery before the holidays.